MOVING MURALS is Jess Bonin & Kelly Sorbel

The seed for MOVING MURALS was planted in December of 2014, when the god of OkCupid algorithms matched Kelly and Jess up on a date. Over a shared plate of sloppy nachos at the famous Seattle dive Hattie’s Hat, the two became fast friends. They discovered they had led parallel lives…. lived in the same divey college town, and drank their fill at the same coke-laden beer-throwing rock ‘n’ roll bars. They once played a show together, and even had their failed weddings photographed by the same best dead friend Gunther…. yet the two had never met. This date, it was kismet.



Over time they started collaborating on music. Jess grew up strumming an acoustic guitar, kissing boys behind the bleachers at church camp, influenced by suburbia and too much Beatles.  Later she developed into a record-collecting pop punk connoisseur who could cover any Ramones song poorly. Kelly shredded the gnar in a more urgent way... growing up a troublemaker skateboarder in small town Eastern Washington, where guitar and punk bands were his armor against flagrant bullying and conservatism. When the two got together to make songs, well, shit got interesting.



After being lifelong musicians and playing in more bands than one would care to list, Jess and Kelly founded Sleepy Genes in 2015, recorded an EP and a couple singles, went on a West Coast tour with a full band, played the Capitol Hill Block Party, opened for stellar bands like LaLuz and Mike Krol...  Then a twist in life took them out of Seattle, to the northern regions of Washington, where they now reside.



MOVING MURALS is their brand new collaborative project, ignited by a recording session with notable producer/engineer, and Jess’s high school buddy, Brandon Eggleston. They are releasing their first singles Summer 2019.